Wednesday, February 2

New Dolls on Ebay

Just listed a new bunny and raggedy on ebay! (click the "Dolls for Sale" link under my banner) I’m thinking of turning the raggedy into a pattern, but not sure yet. I’ve just been in the mood to sit at the machine a sew away.

I also have two dolls ending tonight on ebay.

This will be THE LAST WEEK I WILL BE TAKING CREDIT CARDS!!!! However you can still pay with credit cards through paypal!!!

Back to the sewing machine… 10” of snow makes for great sewing days!!!

Have a blessed and safe day



  1. Love your new stuff! How cool! We got a lot of snow too! No school for a while so out comes the sewing machine. Come by and visit my blog if you want!


  2. Hey! Very cute dolls! Lots of snow here too. May not be back to school til Monday. Time to get out the sewing machine. Come by and visit me at my blog.


  3. Hi Christina
    Thank you! Yes I am SO ready for spring!! Good news from the groundhog today :o)
    As soon as I get dinner done I'm off to your blog


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