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Wednesday, July 1

New doll on Ebay

It's been awhile, but I finally finished a doll I've been working on for sometime now..she's made from Air Dry Clay, she's about 10". I have her listed on ebay

Saturday, November 8

new whimsical clay owl ornaments on ebay

Tuesday, November 4

new  paper clay things

Tuesday, September 30

Saturday, August 30

new things on ebay

click the EBAY link up above. Hope you like them!!

Monday, August 11

new harvest pattern

I've had some request for the Harvest Blessings to be made into a pattern, so since I saved the pattern pieces I've made it up to share with you. you can find it on my website...
have a great week...I will post when I list new things on ebay this week...

Tuesday, August 5

I've been sooo busy!!

Wow, I've been so busy lately...I love it when I'm in the mood to create!!! It always seems to come this time of year....well actually its usually not until another month or so.... guess I'm getting a head start!! Anyway click the Ebay link above if you would like to see the things I've listed. I've started a bunch of them out at .99 fun!!!


Tuesday, July 29

Saturday, July 26

New things...and custom orders on Etsy

Just listed a couple cute scarecrows on ebay. I'm also taking custom orders on can have your name put on the sign that the scarecrow is holding click to go to ETSY

Monday, July 21

I've been in the studio for days and days I think. I listed some of the things I've finished on ebay, I'm also trying to get into Etsy more. I don't know much about Etsy, but I think I'm going to try and list a few things on there that I don't mind to take orders for. Anyway I hope you have a chance to take a peek at what I've listed. Have a blessed evening

Sunday, January 27

I've just released a pattern for the sweetest little girl....I hope you like her!

Monday, January 21

Thursday, January 3

Raggedy with her sheep on ebay.... I've thought about making her into a pattern but can't decide. I can't remember what hair I used on her, so I don't know what to do.

Saturday, December 29

I'm in the mood to create some vintage/antique dolls. I just listed one tonight...(well I guess it would be last night now that it's so late) She's on ebay...she is so neat..something new and different for ya. I love her...hope you do too!

Monday, December 17

I have a new raggedy on ebay. (click on the Ebay link at the top right) I also set up a "Bargain Pattern" page on my website. It's time to move out the older patterns and make room for some new designs!!

Sunday, December 9

I've another new doll on ebay! I have a new sewing machine and I'm stitching away!

Wednesday, December 5

I listed a new doll on ebay.