Friday, May 27

Uncle Sam

Uncle Sam on ebay. I will be releasing a pattern for him next week sometime.
But I'm going to see my grandbaby this weekend....yeah..can't wait.
Everyone have a safe and fun weekend to kick off the summer..yeah again!!!

Thursday, May 19


Wow I finally created a pattern for the Bunny! It is very detailed with pictures that even a begining crafter will be able to follow along for this detailed doll! I worked really hard on this one, and I hope you enjoy it!

I would like to introduce you to Lilly.
She is wearing a soft blue dress with rose colored flowers scattered about.
I’ve trimmed Lilly’s dress, sleeves and fluffy bloomers in lace.
Around the sleeves and bloomers I’ve sewn vintage blue tinsel.
On each laced tip around her dress I’ve hand sewn little flower buttons.
Lilly’s hat has feathery pink trim stitched around it.
I’ve handmade her sheer ribbon blue bow and added a glass pink bead to the middle
Her stockings are painted linen white with blue polka dots scattered about.
Her shinny black painted shoes have flower buttons sewn to the top.
Her facial features, stockings, and shoes have been sealed.
Her ears have wire in them
so you can pose them however you like.
She comes with a Cone Purse that carries her
little white dove
The purse is not attached to her
Lilly’s 22” from the tip of her toes to the top of her hat.
She is the cover model for a pattern I’m working on
All of my dolls are unique as I don’t like to repeat myself
so I give each one their own personality!
All my dolls come Signed and Dated

Tuesday, May 10

Just listed a bunny on ebay!

Sunday, May 1

New Clown on Ebay

Well I've been playing around with clay, trying to do some little fairies and's SO hard, so I gave up for a little while and came back to sewing :o)

I wanted to do something different so a clown came to mind...I really like how he turned out, was hard to get good pictures of him though..arg.
He's on ebay this week if you wanna take a peek!

Hope everyone's week goes great!

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