Saturday, December 29

I'm in the mood to create some vintage/antique dolls. I just listed one tonight...(well I guess it would be last night now that it's so late) She's on ebay...she is so neat..something new and different for ya. I love her...hope you do too!

Monday, December 17

I have a new raggedy on ebay. (click on the Ebay link at the top right) I also set up a "Bargain Pattern" page on my website. It's time to move out the older patterns and make room for some new designs!!

Sunday, December 9

I've another new doll on ebay! I have a new sewing machine and I'm stitching away!

Wednesday, December 5

Friday, November 16

New Dolls

Oh wow...seems like I forgot all about my blog....geshhh. We've had a very busy year..we moved from Missouri to Florida gulf coast. We LOVE it here!! Anyway I'm going to try to start posting again when I have new dolls or news. Right now I do have two dolls on ebay..snowmen...if you would like to take a look.

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